Detective Tours

Tour 1 – CASE No. 219

The problem can only be solved by visiting the sites of the famous landmarks of Bath. Each site is another puzzle. As if you were in an Agatha Christie novel, – all you have to do is to collect information and you can find the clue! The whole picture comes to the light when you find your final stage.

The detective tour is for teams of 2-6 people. Recommended age from 13 years.

You must investigate a murder, while you are walking on the beautiful places of Bath. In order to solve this case, you will have to navigate through the streets of Bath and discover their secrets.

The tour takes 1.5-2.5 hours

Difficulty level:


A challenging investigation in the largest and most popular park of Bath.

You have to walk across the beautiful main walks and hidden paths of the Royal Victoria Park to discover Victoria’s secret!

During the game you shall visit the most famous landmarks of this gorgeous city like the Botanical Garden and the Royal Crescent.

Ideal for younger players as well! Team size: 3-6 persons

The tour takes 2-3 hours

Latest tour starts before dark!

Difficulty level: